The single-story, 102,000-square-foot site at 5450 Walnut Ave., formerly the site of a Home Depot, was remodeled to house all of the Police Department's units.

Natural lighting will be the main source for illuminating the inside of the station.

The building has a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system that exceeds state energy-efficiency standards by 34 percent.

The architect is Ventura-based Leach Mounce Architects and the general contractor is R.I.C. Construction Co. in Hesperia.

The new police station was the city's final use of its Redevelopment Agency funds before they were taken away by the state.

Nineteen of the department's units will be housed in the new building.

The new department is a major upgrade from the 28,400-square-foot station sandwiched between City Hall and the courthouse on Central Avenue.

The new facility - built on 10 acres - will have a fitness center, a break room, a records station, an evidence storage area and a processing center, a dispatch center, a vehicle processing and workshop room, a six-cell detention area, a staff courtyard, and a community room that will be used for meetings, training and the citizens academy.

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