The chino Mounted posse was invited to be part of the audience for a cooking show called COWBOY FLAVOR. This show can be seen on RFD TV. The show was taped at Montana De Oro State Park, San Louis Obispo CA. When we were not taping the show we enjoyed camping and riding out horses. If you go South you rode the beach if you go North you ride the hills. The best of both worlds.

Members of CMOA (California Mounted Officers Association) also attended. They had a sensory segment for the TV show Equestrian USA. They also participated in the show COWBOY FLAVOR.

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img_0139_small.jpg billytalkingtothecameramanhouston_small.jpg jparsonhesingsduringtheshowhasagreatsenceofhumor_small.jpg billygettingreadytotapehisshowcowboyflavor_small.jpg
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